The Zeen

The Zeen is a mobility and fall-prevention device that offers exceptional maneuverability and an assisted lift to stand up from a seated position. The device resides on four swiveling casters and features gas springs to raise and lower the seat between the fixed frames.

The amount of assistive lift is adjustable for the needs of each specific user. The device is meant to be ridden with a portion of the user’s weight resting on the seat and maintained with a retractable seat belt. It has handlebars to offer additional support and provide wheel braking controls. The posterior support architecture promotes a user-centric approach, where the user is the most visible to others and allows for unrestricted front access to work surfaces/countertops.

The Zeen folds compactly and can fit within most vehicle trunks and/or rear seats for transport.

Environmental Recommendations:


  • Primarily single level living space.
  • Acceptable to have a single 6” maximum step down / step up.
  • Minimum clearance of 27” required around furniture and through doorways, with minimal clutter on the floor.
  • Hard flooring surface preferred, light pile carpet acceptable.
  • Zeen requires 45” turning circle diameter (e.g.,between kitchen cabinets and/or hallway walls).


  • Paved exterior pathways are ideal—small & packed gravel may be manageable.
  • Awareness and caution encountering curbs, bumps, lintels, stones, gravel, etc.
  • Recommended for ADA-compliant ramps/inclines
  • Your legs and feet control the Zeen; maintain control with feet on the ground and use the Zeen brakes.
  • Use caution when coasting, taking close note of possible hazards and pedestrians.
  • Transition from coasting to walking for hills; use of rear caster lock is recommended for traversing side slopes.
  • Zeen requires 45” turning circle diameter (for example between kitchen cabinets and/or hallway walls)