A Life-Changing Power Mobility Device

The Omeo is not your average wheelchair. With optional hands-free steering on a self-balancing platform, this is a personal mobility device that allows you to interact with the world in ways that a medical-grade wheelchair cannot.

The Omeo will improve your day-to-day living, help you stay active and enjoy the great outdoors. Omeo is perfect for people who need an everyday personal mobility device or occasional mobility assistance.

Built for Everyday Living, Indoors and Out

Around your home, in your yard, to the grocery store, across the sand at the beach, or hit the trails and go off-roading. Best of all? You can go further for longer: up to 30 miles on a single charge!

Explore new places in your city or off-the beaten path with Omeo’s Off Road kit that unlocks all terrain capabilities.

Go Hands-Free: Active Seat Control

Control the direction, speed, and braking of your Omeo through body movement with Active Seat Control. Advanced self-balancing technology allows you to drive hands-free by using your weight to shift left and right or forward and backwards.

Get Hands-On: Joystick Control

For those who like to be hands-on, you can control your Omeo using the joystick. Move to the left and right with the joystick, while forward and backward movements are controlled by shifting your body weight.

Move Fluidly: Self-Balancing Technology

Omeo uses a unique, intuitive self-balancing technology. In no time, you’ll feel like the Omeo is an extension of your body as you shift your body weight to change direction and speed.

Go Off Road: All-Terrain Wheels

Take your Omeo outdoors in a wide range of environments like the beach, a trail, or gravel road with all-terrain wheels and wheel guard fenders.

The special off-road tires have no crown and function at low pressure, providing great suspension and a smooth ride.

Mobility Made Fun with Omeo!

How Do You Omeo?

Omeo Off-Road Package

Omeo at MMF

Omeo Testimonial

Omeo Features:

The lithium ion battery holds a charge that can last up to 30 miles. The Omeo is equipped with dual battery system backups to help avoid mishaps. You’ll get a battery level alert to know when you’re low on power. Built-in safety features ensure that you won’t get stranded.
Run errands or get to your final destination at record speed. The Omeo can go up to 12.4 miles per hour, so even on your busy days you can get what you need done in record time.
Easily navigate tight and confined spaces with Omeo’s 0-degree turning radius. Smoothly move and change directions while in busy crowded areas or small spaces with perfect precision.
Speed limiter and safety shut down are just two of the built-in features designed to keep you safe. But that isn’t all the Omeo has to offer – you can count on the Omeo to notify you with warning sounds when encountering terrain that might be difficult for it to handle.

Perfect for charging a phone, or powering up a portable speaker while out on the go! The USB port is fun feature intended to bring more accessibility to your adventures.

Go at night – your adventure doesn’t have to end just because the sun went down. Use Omeo’s LED headlights to keep your path long after the lights go out!
Partial stand-by pick up is simple, with a quick press of the button to stabilize your position and allow pick up without moving forward during the process.

This feature is extra helpful when it comes to changing your tires from the standards to the off-road kit. Simply lifting the Omeo slightly while lowering the legs provides a built-in jack allowing you to quickly change out tires without having to lay the Omeo on its side!

Affectionately known as the boot thanks to our New Zealand inventor, this compartment is the perfect storage space for keeping wallets and car keys safe during off road adventures!
This starshaped adapter is designed to hold a variety of Railblaza accessories. Some of the most popular items are cupholders and selfie stick attachments for recording your favorite outings and adventures!
Hands-free doesn’t mean you won’t want to hold on, especially when heading down bumpy trails or through soft sand. The Omeo’s soft handgrips make staying seated in the Omeo comfortable for those moments when you “gotta get a grip”!
Your Omeo has a built in security feature in the Info Key. Without it, the Omeo won’t power on and can’t be moved. This means, you can leave your Omeo unattended and it can’t run off without you, preventing thefts or accidental mishaps.

The Info Key is also a great source for monitoring of how far you have ridden your Omeo, both in single trips or over the lifetime of your device. In addition to tracking your travels, it allows you switch from regular mode to turtle mode, perform an emergency shut down if you find yourself in an unsafe riding situation, and provides you error codes in case of maintenance issues.

Omeo Options

Express your style with one of our six different color options.
Fully customized and shipped starting at $32,500 MSRP. Financing available.

Midnight Black

Caribbean Blue

Shamrock Green

Tangerine Orange

Cardinal Red

Orchid Purple