The BrightSign Glove

Translate from any sign into any language!

One of the biggest problems with existing solutions for those with hearing and speech disabilities is the fact that they all assume that everyone is the same. They are wrong. With over 300 different formal sign languages being used in the world, and thousands more individual variations and sign systems, it simply isn’t good enough to support one or two languages and call it done. BrightSign is a sign language glove that allows you to teach it ANY sign language library (such as ASL, BSL, Makaton or Signalong) that you can think of, even one that you have made up yourself.

Why should a signer be limited to any one traditional spoken language for their communication? You’re right – they shouldn’t. The BrightSign glove lets users use more than 40 different languages to translate their signs to, in real time while signing, even if they don’t know the language themselves. With both spoken and text output, our sign language glove even allows languages with different alphabets, like Arabic or Mandarin.

What’s Included?
  • Train Any Sign
  • 40+ Languages Supported
  • 450+ Voice Options
  • Companion Mobile App
  • Live Chat, Phone and Email Support