City Walking Aid

Suitable for people who have trouble walking or prolonged standing. The body weight is carried by the saddle, which relieves the hips, knees and ankles.

Advanced Features Include:
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Quick release saddle pen
  • Five year guarantee on frame
  • Handbrake intended to fix the walking aid when stepping up
  • Easily folds so you can take it anywhere!
  • Supports up to 220 lbs.

Easy Rider Tricycle

The Easy Rider tricycle is a tricycle for adults. Because of the unique frame it has a low step through and a lower centre of gravity.

Check Out These Benefits:
  • 2 frame sizes: Medium (standard) and Large
  • Suitable for up to 140 kg
  • Very stable
  • Low Entry
  • Agile because of a small turning circle
  • Suspended frame for optimal comfort
  • Pedal support possible (smart e-bike)
  • Easier to cycle on than traditional tricycles
  • Comfortable seat with tailbone relief and adjustable back support
  • Less pressure on the back, neck, shoulders and wrists due to special cycling position

Easy Go Scooter Bike

The compact electric scooter bike is designed for people with stability problems or a variable energy level. There are three options available on this tricycle: you can ride the trike by just pedaling, you can ride it by pedaling with electric pedal support or you can use 100% electric power assist.

With the electric pedal support, the bike will be delivered as a smart e-bike. It allows you to view a lot of information about your battery and smart e-bike from a distance. For example, you can use the app to view your cycling routes and change your cycling settings.

Features and Benefits
  • Bicycle, electrical bicycle and scooter bike
  • Compact, stable and agile
  • You are still cycling
  • Possible to move without pedalling
  • Easily to switch between three different types of driving
  • Can go forwards and backwards
  • Short turning radius
  • Fits through a normal door
  • More compact than a mobility scooter
  • Anti-tip wheels